Austin Zech, PGA


Bio: I am an Advanced Certified Member of the PGA specializing in Teaching and Coaching and Player Development, which only 4% of members ever obtain. I am also certified through the Titleist Performance Institute in Golf Swing Mechanics as well as Junior Golf.

Philosophy: Everyone has a unique swing based on many different characteristics of their daily life movements which influence their golf swing. I manage and fix the golf swing by manipulating the body, and getting it put in the right position to make a good golf swing. This method makes the transition from any other sport or everyday life activity more relatable to the golf swing, easing the transition.

Individual Lessons

  • Individual 1 hour lesson $100.00
  • Individual 30-minute lesson $75.00

Package Lessons

  • 5 Hours of Instruction $450.00
  • 10 Hours of Instruction $900.00

*Juniors under the age of 18 are half price