We-Ko-Pa Grille Featured Menu Item: Tuna Poke Bowl

Now commonly found in most Asian-style restaurants, the Poke bowl has humble origins in the Pacific Ocean, originally created by Polynesians who seasoned raw fish steak with sea salt, seaweed and candlenuts. Fishermen using nets or spearing techniques would then cut up their bounty the raw fish into small pieces – the technique for which “poke” gets its name – and use any ingredients they had on the boat to season it. Decades of Western influence has brought the traditional islander dish to the We-Ko-Pa Grille, connecting Japanese, Hawaiian and Polynesian eating traditions to contemporary cuisine now available at We-Ko-Pa Golf Club.

The light and colorful Tuna Poke Bowl is a perfect change-up from your boring, go-to granola or chocolate bar at the turn and packs a protein a punch to keep your energy up during your round. The dish features raw sushi-grade tuna cubes tossed in savory soy sauce, mirin, nutty sesame oil, spicy sriracha, zesty pickled ginger and green onions – a lovely balance of flavors with a hint of heat, fresh ingredients and delectable flavor combinations. Top it off with crispy, paper-thin wonton chips for a chip and dip combo to die for.

The Tuna Poke Bowl pairs well with a crisp beer from our wide array of local providers to take your taste buds to the next level. A recommendation is to complement the subtle sweetness of the tuna and nuttiness of the sesame oil with a tad bit of hop spice to intensify the flavor. Try the local Four Peaks Golden Lager with a delicate malt sweetness and light aromas to bring out the best in the tuna.

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