Yeido Yeo, PGA


I was born in Seoul, S. Korea. I am bi-lingual and fluent in both Korean and English. I graduated from Arizona State University’s Professional Golf Management program, and then became an Assistant Golf Professional at We-Ko-Pa Golf Club in April of 2014. I currently work on golf’s elementary fundamentals with juniors ranging from 7 to 12 years of age.

My teaching philosophy starts with the idea that each student I teach can and will improve his or her game with the time and effort that is required. Every student should have fun while in the lesson and when they begin to play better. I plan to study the body and how it moves during the golf swing. Which moves are the most efficient and why, while still adhering to the limitations of each person’s individual body and body types.

I plan on continuing to study the physical and mental sides of golf equally and gaining as much knowledge as I can. Teaching to what the limitations of a golfer are and how good they become. I plan on doing this while keeping the feel of the game lighthearted and fun.

Individual Lessons

  • One 45-minute Lesson $75.00
  • Series of Three 45-minutes Lessons $200.00
  • Series of Five 45-minute Lessons $300.00

* Juniors under 18 years are half price.

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