Professional Golf Instruction

  • Brian Schommer PGA

    My philosophy is to first listen to my students. Secondly, I will create a level of trust and comfort with my students. I believe in creating an understanding for the game that will enable them to reach their goals and have an enjoyable round of golf.

  • Matt Wahlig PGA

    The “perfect” golf swing is not perfect for everyone. Size, shape, and physical limitations all contribute to a player’s ability to perform optimally. My philosophy is not “One Size Fits All”, but rather a program that will fit the individual I’m instructing. Combining my approach with a renewed attention to course management, tempo, and playing within oneself, you’ll begin enjoying the game you love even more!

  • Yeido Yeo PGA

    My teaching philosophy starts with the idea that each student that I teach can and will improve his or her game with the time and effort that is required. Every student should have fun while in the lesson and when they begin to play better. I plan to study the body and how it moves during the golf swing. Which moves are the most efficient and why, while still adhering to the limitations of each person’s individual body and body types.

  • Brett McClellan PGA

    Golf is fun! It’s my desire for people to enjoy the game of golf. I strive in my teaching to enhance my students’ love of the game. I do my best to listen and assist students’ in achieving their desired outcomes whether their goal is to out drive their friends or improve tournament play. My flexible and easygoing style allows me to fit the needs of my students.

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