Walking Saguaro

Golf’s heritage includes walking the course. During the design process, Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw placed great emphasis on making Saguaro walker-friendly. Greens and tees are built close together, often part of the same turf complex and walk paths lead you from the teeing ground directly to the fairway.

For those who choose to walk and to make it easier, We-Ko-Pa provides manual push carts called Speedcarts so you don’t even have to carry your clubs around the course.

Of course, the greatest benefit to walking is improved health. However, golfers who walk regularly report lower scores compared to when they ride a golf car. Golfers believe walking up behind the ball allows them time to think about their next shot, know the distance to the green as they walk past yardage markers, better understand the topography of the lie and have all the clubs they need for the stroke at hand. In short, the rhythm of the game, target awareness and club selection are all enhanced.

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