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We-Ko-Pa Golf Club Instructors

Josh Minksy, PGA – First Assistant Golf Professional

My Approach to teaching: Teaching for me is not just about understanding what needs to be changed. I not only look to identify the problem and provide a solution, but make sure my student understands why. Without understanding why, any swing change becomes much more difficult as the mental part of the game is just as important as the swing itself. Golf is complicated enough so I am there to provide the information that is needed without all the clutter.

Nick Jevas, PGA – Assistant Golf Professional

My teaching philosophy starts with understanding what golf swing works for you. From there, we can find goals to achieve as we work to gain confidence in your golf swing. Gaining confidence comes from growing on the positive outcomes and learning from the negative outcomes. A golf swing is made through repetition and practice. I also teach having patience and having fun while learning your swing. Golf is meant to be challenging, so have fun and enjoy the journey.