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We-Ko-Pa does not use dynamic pricing. Here’s why:

Technology and the widespread access to the internet – especially on handheld mobile devices – has shaped and changed our world in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Everyday tasks like ordering food or purchasing small household items that required planning and a physical trip to the store now can be completed at the push of a button and delivered to your door so fast it would make a cheetah stutter. The golf industry is no exception. Online booking engines, rate schedules and tee-time aggregate websites have provided golfers extended access to their local clubs. But just like the pure and timeless game of golf itself, there are a few new tricks that are simply bad for the game.

One of them is dynamic pricing.

The idea of dynamic pricing started in the hotel industry as resorts tried to increase their occupancy percentages and slowly creeped into the golf industry as golf clubs looked to rebound from 2008’s economic downturn. Dynamic pricing, at its core, is designed to increase revenue for a golf club by charging more for desirable tee times and pitting golfers against each other in a bidding war for the tee box. The “best rate” you get with dynamic pricing is based on a host of factors including which website you’re using to book, if you’ve played at that club in the past, how much you’ve spent on golf in the past and a host of other creepy internet-tracking tricks designed to get you to spend more money.

We-Ko-Pa does not engage in this sort of behavior.

We-Ko-Pa Golf Club, instead, is one of the only golf courses in all of Arizona who does not use dynamic pricing models and does not trade tee times with third-party aggregates. This means the rate you get at is the best rate available no matter what. To book your tee time at We-Ko-Pa Golf Club, click here or call +1 480-836-9000.