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Imagine a group of friends, all avid golfers, who have been dreaming of coming to Scottsdale, soaking in the sun and playing both award-winning courses at We-Ko-Pa Golf Club – Arizona’s Ultimate Golf Experience. The anticipation had been building for months. They know where they’re going to eat, where they’re going to stay, where they’re going to play and transportation has been booked. However, upon setting their sights on booking the ideal tee time on their preferred date, they encountered an unexpected snag—the time slot they had been eyeing was already booked. Crushing. Time to find a new course. Right? Not necessarily!

Enter Noteefy, a solution that transforms this challenge into an opportunity for anticipation and excitement. Through its intuitive website integration to We-Ko-Pa Golf Club’s booking engine, golfers can now effortlessly join a waitlist for their desired tee times. But the true brilliance of this feature lies in its personalized notification system. Depending on the user’s preference, Noteefy will send real-time alerts via email or text the moment their preferred time and date become available—up to a year in advance. This booking-engine “personal assistant” ensures players never miss an opportunity to play.

There are few, if any, golf courses in the world that book tee times a year in advance. But by joining the waitlist, players can plug in their preferred dates and receive a notification immediately when the tee time becomes available. Perfect for the planner in your golf group.

Joining We-Ko-Pa’s waitlist doesn’t guarantee players’ preferred date and time will be available, but in a digital-first world where plans change at the click of a mouse, being alerted when times are available or being “next up” is the next best option.

Look for We-Ko-Pa’s waitlist at the bottom left corner of our website. Simply plug in your preferred date and time, how many players, which award-winning course you’d like to play – or both – choose your preferred communications channel (email or text message) and you’re all set. Then, just book and play.

Click here to join our waitlist and be notified of upcoming tee times.