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Posted by We-Ko-Pa Golf Club on Friday, August 12, 2016

Aerification – the word itself brings pain to every golfer’s ears. There’s nothing worse than thinking you got a good deal on a tee time just to get to the first green and see a mess of sand and holes bumping your ball to and fro on the way to the cup. Thankfully, the agronomy staff at We-Ko-Pa doesn’t expect their players to play on anything less than perfect surfaces, and with two award-winning tracks at We-Ko-Pa, players still have an opportunity to play amazing Scottsdale golf while one of the courses undergoes routine maintenance.

Why We Aerate

Over time, organic matter like decaying roots and grass stems under the green’s surface become too thick and begin to behave like a sponge, holding water at the surface after rain or irrigation. This inhibits root growth and reduces oxygen levels in the soil which can cause turf decay and even death. Not good.

The aerification process is a necessary step in maintaining world-class putting surfaces. It opens up growing room for grass roots and helps keep the turf healthy by increasing the amount of oxygen to the roots. Increased oxygen means the grass can grow deeper roots, which in turn, creates a healthier putting surface that rolls true every time. So you can thank the superintendent for your beautiful eagle putt on Cholla’s par-5 8th.

How We Aerate

The agronomy staff at We-Ko-Pa annually aerates the greens on both courses to improve turf health and playing conditions through a process called core aeration. The process requires a machine which physically removes half-inch-diameter cores. The excess airflow in the turf allows moisture to evaporate quickly, promoting gas exchange in the soil, resulting in stronger root systems.

When We Aerate

We-Ko-Pa’s Cholla course will be closed for aeration June 25-July 8, 2018. The Saguaro course will be closed for bunker renovation July 9-September 6, 2018.