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We-Ko-Pa Golf Club announced today their Saguaro Course will undergo an extensive bunker renovation beginning July, 2018. The project will enhance the drainage and playability of all bunkers on the Saguaro course and is expected to be completed in two months. The Cholla course – We-Ko-Pa’s award-winning sister course designed by Scott Miller – will remain open for play during the renovation project.

“Over the past 12 years, our flagship course has begun to show some signs of natural aging just like any golf course or outdoor playing field,” said Matt Barr, general manager of We-Ko-Pa Golf Club. “In order to maintain a high level of playability and consistency for the next decade, we decided to take a preemptive measure to ensure our guests experience the best possible playing conditions at our club, and an experience that matches Saguaro’s position as Arizona’s best public golf course.”

The three-step renovation process includes removing all existing sand from the current bunkers to inspect the drain lines for damage. Once necessary repairs have been made to the drain lines and they are restored to original specifications, the maintenance teams will install new sand – a mixture of Augusta White and Arizona Gold – and inspect for consistency. The iconic Coore Crenshaw Inc. bunker design will remain intact and untouched.

“The renovated drainage system and new sand will make for a much better playing experience, especially out of greenside bunkers,” said Ryan Kreizenbeck, director of maintenance at We-Ko-Pa Golf Club. “You just have to know every ten years or so, you’re going to have to do something with the bunkers to clean them up and make sure they’re draining properly again.”