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You know what they say: If you know, you know. And local Valley residents know. It’s time for another We-Ko-Pa Golf Club accolade. This year, the club further solidified its reputation by earning a top spot in PHOENIX magazine’s “Best of the Valley” 2023 issue. Garnering recognition as the “Top-Ranked Driving Range,” We-Ko-Pa outdid hundreds of other contenders in this prestigious accolade, proof of the more than 400,000 online ballots cast by readers.

But what sets We-Ko-Pa’s driving range apart from others? The answer lies in the trifecta of factors that encapsulates the We-Ko-Pa Golf Club experience: it’s Unspoiled, Unrivaled, and Unbelievable.

The unspoiled allure of the We-Ko-Pa driving range comes from its serene setting. Nestled in the picture-perfect Sonoran Desert, golfers can practice their drives devoid of urban distractions. The driving range is set against the backdrop of desert beauty, where the only things that meet the eye are the fairway, the pin flag, and the occasional beverage cart, contributing to an immersive golfing experience.

We-Ko-Pa also offers unrivaled value, a noteworthy trait amidst Scottsdale’s sea of top-tier golf facilities. It is the driving range that truly gives golfers what they expect, with high-quality facilities that match the value of the experience.

The driving range’s unbelievable conditions further enhance We-Ko-Pa’s allure. Both the Cholla and Saguaro courses are maintained meticulously year-round, regardless of the season or weather conditions. Come rain, shine, or even the rare desert tidal wave, We-Ko-Pa continues to stun with its immaculate state, a testament to the staff’s relentless efforts.

In sum, the We-Ko-Pa Golf Club’s winning combination of unspoiled beauty, unrivaled value, and unbelievable conditions is why it sits atop PHOENIX Magazine’s 2023 “Best of the Valley” issue. It’s more than just a golf club – it’s a testament to the power of commitment, value, and natural beauty harmoniously converging, creating an unparalleled golfing experience for both locals and visitors alike. This recent accolade is not just a win for We-Ko-Pa, but a victory for every golfer who has had the pleasure of teeing off at this extraordinary facility.