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We-Ko-Pa fans are in for a treat next time they play either award-winning course in Fort McDowell, Arizona just outside Scottsdale – new golf carts. We-Ko-Pa Golf Club – Arizona’s Ultimate Golf Experience – recently rolled out their new fleet featuring the Shark Experience, the premier in-car entertainment platform with an all-new user experience and updated content offerings to change the game for your golfers.

Here are four reasons the new cart fleet at We-Ko-Pa is the best in the business.

Bluetooth Connectivity – Keep the Speaker at Home

As golf got less stuffy over the past decade, more and more people felt comfortable bringing speakers out on the course to – at respectful volumes – listen to their favorite tunes during the round. Great. But players now had yet another $100 gadget in their bag to worry about losing. Not anymore. We-Ko-Pa’s new cart fleet has built-in speakers with Bluetooth connectivity so you can keep the vibe in check throughout the round without bringing your own hardware.

Live Scoring Updates

Sick of checking your phone for the latest scores and PGA TOUR updates during your round? We were too. Instead of picking up your mobile device and risking being “available” to your boss while you’re enjoying near-perfect weather and exceptional golf, keep it in your bag and get all your news, scores and live updates right on the golf cart screen. If you’re one of our sports betting friends, this is an absolute game changer.

State-of-the-Art GPS

We-Ko-Pa Golf Club’s new fleet of carts provides an updated, state-of-the-art GPS system with all the same capabilities you’ve come to know and love and more. From precise distances to the pin, front and back of the green to exact driving distances and aerial views of every hole, it’s like having a hometown caddie available with a single touch of your finger.

Stay-Cool Seats from Club Car

The best for last? For our summer players, this just might be it. We-Ko-Pa’s new fleet comes with new seats featuring a stay-cool marine vinyl which will keep temperatures up to 20 percent cooler. Aside from the exceptional comfort the seats provide from the premium fabric, this feature will keep your legs cool – and NOT STICKY – throughout your round, even if it’s 120 degrees. Happy summer!