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To Our We-Ko-Pa Friends and Fellow Golfers,

We are not alone in experiencing one of our country’s most challenging weeks. From professional and amateur golf event cancellations, to the bigger issues of business disruptions, travel challenges and healthcare concerns, it’s clear that there are extraordinary issues with which all of us are dealing.

All week long, you’ve no doubt received many emails about COVID-19 from a wide array of companies, organizations, medical professionals and governmental agencies. We’re not going to repeat here the sound medical advice you’ve heard.

But, we do want you to know that all of us are doing everything we can to ensure that our guests and our staff have a clean, safe and healthy experience while golfing or working at We-Ko-Pa. There are multiple ways to enjoy the game of golf that we all love even during times like this, and it just involves commonsense and a measure of sensitivity to everyone around you.

Both Golf Digest and have developed a check list of things you can do to play golf with your family and friends while minimizing health concerns. Please click on the buttons immediately below to visit the web stories posted by these two leading golf publications.

Be safe. Be smart. Hit fairways & greens. As we’ve seen with nationwide challenges in our past, we can get through this by pulling together as a state and a nation, while remaining focused on our health while lending a helping hand to our loved ones and neighbors.

Thanks you.

We-Ko-Pa Golf Club